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Only one more day in Roatan

It makes me sad. I will be leaving at 5:15 Tuesday morning for the airport in Coxen Hole so we can fly to Tegucigalpa. Fortunately the other adventures in front of me do not allow me to be too sad. We have though made friends here and I will miss going down to the beach to walk and to the store for Fresca (a pop here like the Fresca in the states, but so much better) and piedras. Yum...piedras. They are this...well...I am not sure how to describe them! Erica describes them as exploded vanilla wafers. They are cakey cookie things that aren't very sweet and taste of vanilla.

Yesterday we celebrated Erica's 22nd birthday with a trip to an undeveloped beach at Camp Bay and dinner at Gio's and a chocolate cheesecake. Lot's of fun...(Erica, you should have more birthdays!) All of the sun yesterday has made us sleepy today...and we haven't done anything besides go to Sunday school this morning and we will go to church tonight. I am supposed to say something tonight...I hope that goes alright. Thankfully I can speak in English and it will be translated, but even able to speak in my native tongue I feel almost sick thinking about what I am going to say. I only have to say something (a "testamony") a few minutes long, but as I have no idea what to say...well...I'll get throught it. I'll look like an idiot like I always do when I say something in public, but I'll get through it.

So...some observations on life here so far:

Power outages. As you can probably imagine the power goes out here more than in the States. What is surprising is that some of these outages are planned. Yeah...planned. They might last for 8 hours, maybe less depending. The reason they plan the outages is that the island is powered by fuel brought in by boats. Amazingly expensive I imagine. Also, it gets too difficult to meet demands if there is particularly high fuel comsumption at a specific time. It sounds like a drag kind of, but it really isn't bad. Erica and I got to heat our dinner up on a gas stove (doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but if you could have seen us...lol...) and eat our food by candlelight.

The driving. I am pretty glad I don't have drive here! The rules of the road are...not even suggestions really. A driver's manual could pretty much read: Don't hit anyone or anything. And maybe follow that with a list of some common coutesies that would be nice to observe (things like who gets to go first). Have you ever been driving along a mountain road and go into a turn three cars wide? Good way to wake up if you are feeling sleepy. It's kind of adventurous-especially if you are riding in the back of a pickup.

The wildlife. I have seen monkeys, lizards,

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