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Estoy en Tegucigalpa!

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Well...no more island life for me. We flew out from Coxen Hole (the biggest town on Roatan) this morning. We flew to La Cieba and from there we flew to Teguc. The connection between the flights was interesting. We just got off the plane, they asked where we were flying to and put us in groups accordingly. The we were directed to our next plane (without entering the airport) and were on our way again. We flew on these REALLY small planes...we figured maybe 20 seats. I couldn't even fit my camera bag under the seat...much less my carryon! On the first leg of our journey my carryon got it's own seat...and it was seatbelted in :-) On the second flight my camera bag was between my knees and my carryon was on my lap. We took a taxi (which was a big van) to the guesthouse here...the van felt about as big as the planes we took!

Once at the guesthouse we found our room (Erica and I sharing a room temporarily) and got some orientation and discussed some possibilities for our schedual. We will be trying to plan a trip to El Salvador sometime in October or November!!!

So, Teguc is...well... mildly terrifying. In parts, you know. It's pretty rough, but we are cautious. In Punta Gorda Erica and I could walk around, but here I wouldn't want to if I could. We heard some stories about things that have happened in the neiborhood and to the missionaries and it intimidates me, although I know that I can't let this make me never want to go out the door.

This afternoon Laurie took Erica, Tyler, and I downtown and we walked around a bit and ate at Burger King (by way, we eat mostly American-type food)and we went to a cool museum downtown. There was a Picasso exhibit there with maybe 15-20 prints of his work. When I say prints I don't mean posters I mean like prints made out of woodblocks or something with his real signature at the bottom. We also went inside this awesome old cathedral they are restoring downtown...it was so beautiful and ornate. On one niche there was an alterboy statue and under the statue there was a row of dog figurines of differing types, but none of them fitting in at all with the ornate goldleaf carving around them. We don't know what that was about.

Then we went back to the guesthouse and got Bob and Kathy and we went to a store that's pretty much Sam's Club. After that...dinner at El Patio, which was really good. I don't really know how to describe my meal there. I got ordered a chicken kahbab (sp?) which came with rice and then there was a variety of sauces and appetizers. Yummy. It's kind of like you order your meat (which comes with a personal bowl of rice) but everything else is something they bring out in communal bowls. There were tortillas, chips, cilantro, pickled veggies, cheese sauce, fried bananas, fried cheese balls, and more. We got serenaded at the restaurant by mariachis (sp?) They sang "La Bomba" and "Canta no Llores" and one more song I didn't recognize, but I think it was about Honduras.

Today I saw people begging, which I've seen before, but today it hit me again how desperite their plight is. Especially when you contrast that to the relative afluence in the mall we briefly stopped in today. I don't really know what else to say about it right now... I am very tired and I need time to process it. In Punta Gorda we certainly saw people who didn't have much at all and we knew of people who didn't have any food in their houses, but here...to see people beg was hard to see. But more later when I am more coherent and have had more time to think about this and have seen more of the city and maybe have gained a better understanding...

The guesthouse where we are staying is very nice and comfortable and the internet is pretty fast (at least at the moment). At the moment Erica, Tyler, Laurie, Bob, and Kathy are playing cards at the same table I am at, but I wanted to blog...I've been wanting too all day, although I am dissappointing myself. I had been wanting to write something witty and elequent, but I am so tired I would settle for this making sense. Hopefully it does.

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Honest and transparent beats "witty and eloquent" any day. I hope that you can continue to share from your heart as the weeks come and go.

Blessings on you and your ministry.

by Laurie

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