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Days 4/5/6

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On Sunday morning here there is Sunday School instead of church. The women met together about 11am and Kathy spoke to them on parts of the marriage seminar that would be more easily discuessed without the prescense of men and children. That evening there was church and Bob and Kathy wrapped up the seminar. There were a lot of children and they were being kind of disruptive, but the parents seemed to be able to pay pretty good attention considering. That night we taught Carlos how to play Phase 10, which was interesting to explain in Spanish! Erica was the one who knew how to play, so she explained in English and then Tyler translated it to him Spanish. The game went really long, and by the end of it we were all ready for bed.

Monday was our day of touristy stuff and we went snorkling on an absolutely incredible beach with soft white sand and perfectly clear water. It was really cheap to rent the snorkling equipment and we spend a good part of our day in the ocean. We saw all kinds of fish and coral and even a couple of sea turtles. In some places where the ocean wasn't deep the coral came up pretty close to the top of the water, unfortunately because of this I stabbed my knee with some coral when I was coming up for air one time, but it seems to be okay now. It is suprisingly easy to float and swim out so we were able to get pretty far out. When we were sitting in the shallow water by the beach there were these white fish who would swim around us an touch us with there fins! It was a wonderful day, but there was a lot of sun and I am now very sunburned. That night we played Phase 10 again and once again by the time we done it was time to go to bed.

Yesterday was a quieter day. Bob, Kathy, Carlos, and Tyler had to leave for La Esperanza before Erica and I even woke up. We spent the morning moving rooms and we are now living in the upstairs house (There are two houses in one kind of... Laurie lives in the bottom floor and another missionary named Karen lives upstairs, but as she is gone to the US until the end of October, Erica and I will be living there). After lunch we went around town to buy minutes for our cell phones. By the time we got back it was time for a rest and getting ready for the prayer meeting that night. The prayer meeting was really cool, there were only like 4-5 people there besides us but it was a good time of prayer. They prayed for a number of things and even Erica and I prayed (in English!). It started to rain as we were getting home and there was quite a downpour, but it didn't last for very long. We made spagetti and watched a documentary on locusts, during which Laurie mentioned a type of ant that would sometimes just cover houses and clean them out of other kinds of insects and their eggs. Well, ironically Erica had noticed some ants on the steps to the upper part of house. We looked and sure enough, it was that type of ant! Laurie sprayed around the bottoms of the door frames though, so I doubt they will get inside!


The children seem more helpful here. In the church service I noticed that the children might go and get their parents a drink or take care of their siblings (or possibly cousins or just children they know, it's kind of hard to say for sure all the time). They do it almost without thinking and even a very small child might prevent a baby from crawling out the door or try to carry a baby back to their mother.

People are more social. That probably is not a great way to put it, but it's the best way I can think of. When church is over you go and shake everyone's hand. It would be offensive not to do so. When we went to go buy phone cards and on our other trips we took on foot we would stop and talk to quite a few people (church goers who were outside when we went by their houses). And it's not just a quick, "hi, how are you?" that people might say when seeing eachother in Walmart; it's a genuine conversation. While it means that if you walk somewhere it probably won't be a quick trip, but the "extra" time spent talking to people is well worth it. You can learn some interesting things about people and it promotes a good sense of community.

Well, that's all I've got for now, except for a couple of pictures of kids from the church:
The pastor's son:
and Erica with some church kids:

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Day 3


Today we walked down to the beach and saw some of the "barrios" (neighborhoods) of Punta Gorda. For lunch we went down to the beach again to where they were serving food as a fundraiser. There was music, Guarifuna dancing, and one of those bouncy things for the kids. The children were playing the water too; I was able to get some great pictures of that. Stray dogs were hanging around for anything that someone might drop.

Tonight Bob and Kathy Owen did another session in the church making stronger marriages. Erica and I watched the children, who were so adorable! We drew pictures with them and read the children's book I brought with which was the Spanish version of "Where do Monsters Live?" And then we played a game with them that was kind of like hot or cold, but with clapping faster or slower.

I am still tired, but think it is the heat more than anything. And actually not the heat, I think it is humidity that is draining me. I am drinking a lot of water to make up for what I sweat!

Well, I can't think of anything else at the moment, so I will go for tonight. Hasta Manana!

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Days 1/2

The beginning...

As I said in my last entry, I arrived here with little incident. Bob and Cathy Owen picked us up from the airport with a you man from there church named Carlos. We ate lunch when we got out of the airport and headed to La Cieba to catch a boat to Punta Gorda here in Roatan. It was a bumpy hour and a half long trip, but we made it there without getting sick. When we got there Laurie Potter was there to pick us up and we went out to eat. After that we headed to bed because we were so tired.

Today we slept in a bit (or at least attempted to) and had a late breakfast before getting ready to go out. We went to the bank to change over some currency and had copies of our travel documents made. After that we went and took a water taxi around to look at the harbors and the mangroves. The colors here are absolutely amazing! I was a little nervous about the narrow boat tipping over with me having my camera equiptment, but it was fine and I got some pictures I really like. After that we went home, ate again (I feel like all we do is eat!!!!) and rested. Erica, Tyler and I went for a walk while Carlos slept, but when we got back the four of us talked on the balcony of the second floor for a while. Then we ate again and had cake to celebrate Carlos's 26th birthday (which is today).

Well, I had planned to write a better entry with more impression so far and all, but seeing as how I can barely keep my eyes open...

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Estoy en Honduras!

...Roatan to be exact...


Well, two plane rides, a car ride, and a boat ride, I am at my final destination. Customs and emigration were pretty easy and everything went pretty well. I will definitly write more tomorrow, but for tonight I am exhausted after waking up at 3 am! :-) but here are a couple of pictures from today:

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Almost Gone!

Just one more day!


Right now it's 10:30 pm Tuesday. Tomorrow, I will head for Tulsa in the morning. It will take around 7 hours-ish to get there. We will try to get to sleep really early because my flight Thursday morning is at 5:30am! Right now I am packing and trying to make sure I have everything and it is organized well and is packed in a security-friendly way.

So, I don't have much to say (or much time), but I wanted to make sure I wrote once more before I leave. Maybe I'll get a chance to write a longer entry from the hotel tomorrow everning.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I am very excited about this amazing opportunity.

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Only a Week...

...til I am in Honduras!

Ok, so it's settled. I am leaving on August 20th at 5:30 am from Tulsa. From there I will be flying to Atlanta where I will meet up with Erica and another VIA (Volunteer in Action, which is also what Erica and I are). We will fly from Atlanta to San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Then Erica and I will be taken from there to Roatan, an island off the coast. Should be quite a day!!!

On Roatan we will be staying with Laurie Potter. She works with the Garifuno people in Punto Gorda. Here is a link to a bio of her and a summery of her ministry: http://www.hondurasfield.org/missionaries/laurie/index.htm

I am not sure how long we will be there, but I am sure I will be getting more details soon.

Moneywise, more donations would be a blessing, but I am able to meet the final budget.

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Ok, so I am leaving the 20th at 5:30am from Tulsa. (Good thing I probably won't be able to sleep that night anyways!!!). I will be meeting two other VIAs (Volunteers in Action which is what I am)-of which Erica is one. We won't stay there though. Our first location is on the island of Roatan with Laurie Potter who

I am feeling really excited and a little nervous about the next 3 months. The rest of my funds have been raised pretty much. If more donations came in that would be great, but I am not worried about coming up with the rest of my funds.

Only 8 days!!!

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