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We have tentative date!

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Ok, so I know roughly when I am leaving now...the 20th! It's a little later than ideal for me, but that's alright, I am just happy to know and at least I will have plenty of time to get ready and pack.

We will be flying into San Pedro Sula and headed off straight away to Roatan. Other than that I don't know much at the moment, but I think more details are coming soon...

I also learned that the tickets are cheap, so I need to find out exactly what that means for my budget, but I'm sure it's good news!


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I'm going!


I got word this morning that my trip got the go ahead!!! The EXACT date isn't for sure, but both Erica and I have said that two weeks from now would work for us, so if it works for the missionaries that's when we will be going!!!!

Other than that nothing is really new, but I will you posted.

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Getting closer...


Well, my time in Honduras is getting closer. I don't know exactly when I will leave yet, but of course it is getting closer! And that is exciting! I am getting closer to having my funds raised, but I am still over $1000 away from my goal. I have enough of my own money to contribute to meet my goal, but if I do I won't have enough to get an apartment and set up my life when I get back, so I hope that I won't have to use that much of my money!

The political situation is still such that I cannot go to Honduras, but that can change! (and I'm no expert on politics, especially not Central American politics), but I think that it could change rather quickly. I really don't know. But I do know that I still feel that God has His hands in this (of course He does whether I feel it or not, but I have that reassurance that is nice to have!)

I spent last week preparing for a garage sale to raise funds for my trip (I made over $100) and I am spending this week prepping for another fundraiser. This time my mom and I are baking, making cards, and creating jewelry to sell at a local farmer's market. Should be interesting...I love farmer's markets!

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Going to Honduras!

Intro to my trip


I am going to Honduras! For 12 weeks! It's a photography internship for World Gospel Mission (WGM). I will be taking photos of all kinds of things to be used in many different ways for WGM and for their missionaries and their ministries. Also, I will be assisting the missionaries with everyday chores and helping with the ministries they run.

I am not going alone, a girl named Erica is going with me. She is a writing intern and we will collaborate together for certain things. It's very nice to have a traveling buddy!

Right now I need prayer for:

1) Final details to get accomplished (vaccinations, etc)

2) The political situation in Honduras is rough right now and if it doesn't settle down soon the trip will need to be pushed back.

3) Money. I still have about $1500 that I don't know where it will come from. And most of the money that has been pledged hasn't made it to WGM yet and I am kind of worried.

4) That I won't get so caught up in worry and details that I loose sight of why I am going.

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